ATC Best Builders

Paper Glider

k and place it on top of the first one
4.wrap one of the bands a few times around cl
Steps a sheet of construction paper vertically
2.fold down the top right corner to meet the left side of the paper
3.fold down the top corner to meet the ''triangle''
4.fold down the top point slightly past the line.
5.fold the paper in half from left to right
6.create wings by folding each side back about a half inch
7. paper clip the body together by the nose of the glider
8. fold up the tips of the wing as desired
9.cut 2 flaps on the center of each wing
2. paper clip

Sound Sand-witch

stretch a rubber band length wise around one of the craft sticks
2.cut two small pieces of straw,each about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches in length. put one of the small straw pieces under the wide rubber band, about a third of the way up from one end of the stick. put the other piece of straw on top of the rubber band, about a third of the way from the other end of the stick
3.take the second craft sticose to the edge of the craft stick, where you placed the second piece of straw. make sure the rubber band is tightly rapped
5.wrap the second small rubber band around the other end of the stick. both ends should be pinched together and there should be a small space between the craft sticks.

2 string yo yo

2 string yo yo finished project

1. find the center of mass of the wood piece
2.use a paddle bit to drill a hole through the center of mass
3.use saw to cut small slit in both ends the PVC pipe on the same side
4.hammer PVC in the small hole in the wood
5.continue to hammer until the PVC pipe is in the center of the wood
6.tie a knot in each end of the string
7.slide string through a slit and catch the knot inside the PVC
8. now you are done!

1 wood piece any shape and size
1 nail
Drill with 13/16'' paddle bit
8'' PVC, 1/2''
6' string
hacksaw or jigsaw

By:ksb1 jcb6 cba2*
Bee Hummer Finished Project

1. Put the eraser on each end of Popsicle stick
2.Cut a card to fit in between the erasers on the stick
3.Staple card to stick
4. Cut string about 2ft long, then tie the string next to one of the erasers
5. Put rubber band from one eraser to the other

1. scissors
2. rubber band
3. popsicle stick
4. index card
5. stapler
6. 2 pencil erasers
7. string


Photography Examples

Close Up
Bad Lighting
bad lighting CBA2KSB1JCB6.JPG
Good Lighting